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EA restructure results in hundreds of layoffs, two studios closed

EA's reorganization could lead to more layoffs

Electronic Arts announced today that the company is undergoing an organizational restructure that has "led to some difficult decisions to reduce the workforce in some locations."

Two sources with knowledge of the situation told Polygon that the layoffs, part of EA's extended and ongoing reorganization, now number in the hundreds. Officially, the company most recently listed 9,000 employees worldwide.

While EA's public statement doesn't include the number of people impacted, sources with knowledge of the company tell Polygon that the continuing layoffs are impacting "a lot" of people across nearly every part of the company. Some sections are losing a half dozen people, some are losing dozens, according to our source. Rumors of EA layoffs affecting some 2,000 employees are overstated, sources tell Polygon.

EA employees took to Twitter today to announce that EA studios PopCap Vancouver and Quicklime Studio have shut down. Quicklime employees tweeted that all staff have been laid off as a result of the studio closure.

These most recent layoffs, we're told, are part of EA's ongoing bid to slim down under incoming new management. EA underwent a series of staff layoffs earlier this year at its Los Angeles and Montreal studios as part of a "console transition." Earlier this month the company laid off an undisclosed number of employees from its Montreal-based mobile development studio.

Today, it was reported that the company was closing its EA Partners label. Two sources later confirmed that to Polygon. One verified source from EA told Polygon that today's reorganization is partially tied to the closure of EA Partners, which included approximately 60 employees as of February, and the company is currently undergoing consolidations which could potentially lead to more layoffs.

An EA representative told Polygon that today's statement addresses changes made cumulatively through today. An official number on how many people were affected by the reorganization was not provided.

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