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Boston Festival of Indie Games seeks Kickstarter funds for expanded 2013 event

Organizers of the 2013 Boston Festival of Indie Games have taken to Kickstarter to raise funds to cover the costs of the expanding celebration of independent studios in the Boston area, according to the event's Kickstarter page.

The first Boston FIG took place in Sept. 2012, and the "game designers, programmers, entrepreneurs and media specialists" behind the event are raising funds to expand its second installment.

"Funds being raised will help underwrite the costs of larger event spaces booked at MIT, more equipment, supplies, tables and chairs needed to exhibit our game developers and partners, increased requirement for on-site security, additional on-site signage, printed programs and registration badges, covering travel expenses for featured keynote speakers and numerous other hard costs associated with running a festival," the Kickstarter page reads. "We maintain our commitment as an all-volunteer workforce and festival staff, so no funds are being used to pay staff or consultants."

Pledge tiers start at $5, which grant backers an attendee pass and their names on the Boston FIG website. Pledges at the $25 tier grant backers the Figgie Bundle of games from New England area developers, including Subatomic Studios' Fieldrunners, Fire Hose Games' Go Home Dinosaurs, Popcannibal's Fish Listening to the Radio and Binary Takeover's Lost Marbles. Dejobaan Games' Dejobaan's Easiest Game Ever and Lantana Games' Moonlight — Mistress of Mischief are also included as Bonus Freebies. Up to three additional undisclosed games can also be unlocked as donors continue to pledge in that tier or above.

Earlier this month, organizers at MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies announced that attendee registration had opened for the second annual Boston Festival of Indie Games. You can check out a video that accompanies the Kickstarter campaign, which has 34 days to go as of this writing, above.

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