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Outernauts' 'biggest content update' adds a sector, planets, beasts and arenas

The "biggest content update" to date for Outernauts added a new sector, planets, beasts and battle arenas to Insomniac Games' browser-based action role-playing game, according to an overview posted on Insomniac's website.

The update brought the Final Frontier, a "space-time altering mess of a chapter" that is now the game's most difficult sector, new planets, "radically altered" versions of existing planets, new roaming beasts to capture and train and more arena challenges, where players can win more prizes. The update also officially makes the game's previous energy system obsolete.

Outernauts, Insomniac's first multiplatform game, is available on Facebook and Kongregate. For more on the game, how it was built and what it means about Insomiac's future, be sure to read Polygon's feature.

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