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UK MP criticizes perceived lack of women in video game industry

Chi Onwurah, a U.K. member of parliament, decried what she perceives to be a lack of women in the country's video game industry recently, MCV reports.

Based on undisclosed "figures" that she cited, Onwurah implied that the number of women working in the video game industry should increase.

"The figures I have for females in the video games industry are even worse than the honorable gentleman's 17 percent," Onwurah said in response to an MP who claimed that women make up 17 percent of the workforce.

"My figures show that only six percent of those who work in ICT in the U.K. games industry are women, despite the fact that they make up 50 percent of those who play the games."

Onwurah made her remarks on the eve of Girls in ICT [Information and Communications Technology] Day, which is held every April. The day invites "teenage girls and university students ... to spend the day at the office of ICT companies, government agencies and academic institutions so they better understand the opportunities the ICT sector holds for their future."

According to her Labour Party online biography, Onwurah studied electrical engineering in London before becoming MP for Newcastle Upon Tyne Central.