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Wii U software update analysis: How much faster is it?

The update for Nintendo's Wii U cuts console load times by an average of 31 percent, according to tests Polygon ran before and after the patch was downloaded.

Nintendo recently promised in a Nintendo Direct video presentation that the latest update would improve the system's sluggish performance, which has been an issue for Wii U owners since the system launched last November. A system update released in December decreased load times for some programs by as much as five seconds. Today's patch decreased the load times for certain menus and games even further.

In Polygon's own tests, we compared the load times for the Mii Maker, the console's System Settings, Nintendo Land and how long it took for the system to power up.

The time comparisons can be viewed below:

System Power Up
Pre-patch: 15 seconds
Post-patch: 10 seconds

Opening Mii Maker
Pre-patch: 18 seconds
Post-patch: 12 seconds

Opening System Settings
Pre-patch: 13 seconds
Post-patch: 8 seconds

Going Back To Menu
Pre-patch: 25 seconds
Post-patch: 21 seconds

Starting Nintendo Land
Pre-patch: 21 seconds
Post-patch: 14 seconds

The patch also allows users to copy and move data between USB drives and set the console to boot directly into Wii mode.

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