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iOS game features Pokémon-influenced characters and in-app purchase of up to $99.99

Mario Casas, a publisher of mobile games, released an iPhone game called Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games that lends heavily off the Pokémon franchise and includes in-game purchases of up to $99.99.

As demonstrated in the IGN video, a prompt for an in-app purchase of $99.99 appears when they select a Charizard-like creature, with other characters prompting prices from $19.99 up to $99.99. The game features characters almost exactly that from the popular Pokémon series, such as Squirtle, Charizard, Charmander and Blastoise.

The in-app purchases extend to the Super Mario Bros. influenced gameplay, where gamers are prompted to purchase items, such as $0.99 for 30 attack items and "Jump HP ammo" is $99.99.

The developer has several more titles that on iTunes that are influenced by other companies popular franchises. These include Super Squirrel Bros by Mario Casas Games Team which features a Chip n Dale-like creature navigating a Super Mario Bros. influenced map and another game similar to that called Adventure Games Time Super Squirrel Bros Plus. There is another title which seems to be a Super Monster Bros. clone called Adventure Games Super Monster Bros Plus.

The appearance of the games on the App Store paint a confusing light about Apple's App Store vetting process. Last month, Apple removed a serious game aimed to raise awareness about child labor called Sweatshop HD from the App Store because it was "uncomfortable selling a game based around the theme of running a sweatshop."

Around the same time, Auroch Digital's Endgame: Syria, a game about newsgame about the war in Syria, was rejected a third time by Apple because it referenced specific groups and used the word "Syria."

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