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DayZ devblog features shipwreck screenshots and PAX East panel video

A new devblog from the creators of DayZ, a standalone game based on the Arma 2 mod, features screenshots of a shipwreck, the latest building created for the game, and the team's video blog from PAX East.

"This shipwreck has a vast amount of enter-able space inside and we haven't decided exactly where it is going to be placed on Chernarus yet either so some of the pictures are taken from our test map which is bland/featureless and which we use for testing new buildings," writes production assistant, Matt Lightfoot.

The hour and a half long video blog features the Day Z panel at PAX East and footage of Day Z mod creator Dean "Rocket" Hall discussing details of the game with fans after the event.

Another video blog from the Game Developers Conference will be released in upcoming blog updates.

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