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EscapeVektor studio developing new game for PS4

Nnooo, the Autralian developer behind the abstract puzzle game EscapeVektor, received approval from Sony to develop new titles for its PlayStation 4 and PS Vita platforms, and is currently working on a new title for numerous platforms including those under Sony's umbrella, VG247 reports.

Creative director Nic Watt issued a statement acknowledging the studio is receiving early access to PS4 development kits.

"It's exciting to be developing for a new generation of consoles. We're delighted to get early access to PS4 development kits so we can get our games on the console as quickly as possible," he told VG247.

"We're still at an early stage of development of our new game. We don't want to announce anything until we are more advanced with the project. Hopefully we'll be able to say something about it around the middle of the year."

The Sydney-based studio will soon be looking to hire staff for roles in art and animation.

Earlier in the year, the developer launched EscapeVektor onto the PS Vita PlayStation Store. The game was originally released to 3DS and WiiWare.