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Hardware: Shipbreakers VIP pre-order pack includes closed beta access, virtual goods

Developer Blackbird Interactive is offering a special pre-order "VIP package" for strategy title Hardware: Shipbreakers including closed beta access and gameplay guides, the company announced today.

Those who purchase the First Wave VIP Package will receive previously-unrealeased concept art for the title, the official game's soundtrack by Strike Suit Zero composer Paul Ruskay, and access to a special closed forum and the First Wave VIP web chatroom where developers will share more game information.The first 2,000 buyers will also be allowed to name in-game land.

The VIP package also includes a special "Prospector's Guide" in line with the game's fiction, which includes introductory tutorials on in-game history, equipment catalogs and operating manuals for a number of in-game units.The guide will introduce the game's planet, LM-27, along with important characters, locations and historical points.

"We are pleased to announce this pre-sale campaign to open the doors to all the fans who are interested in supporting our efforts and want to enter a new era of RTS gameplay and deep fiction" said Blackbird executive producer Dan Irish in a press statement. Irish said the company plans to gradually release more guide videos for Hardware, such as the one posted above.

Hardware: Shipbreakers will be free-to-play. The game is in production with former members of Electronic Arts and Relic Entertainment and the creators of real-time strategy series Homeworld. There is currently no information on release date and platforms.

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