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Game educator discusses steps needed to create the 'Spike Lee of gaming'

There are "a number of chasms to get through" to create an African American figure in gaming with the same household recognition as Spike Lee, video game educator and entrepreneur Joseph Saulter told Fast Company.

Speaking with the publication during a recent interview, Saulter said the biggest challenge for boosting a mainstream name is finances.

"Spike Lee used his own money, he used credit cards, to get his first movie to come out," Saulter said. "It costs a lot of money [to make a game]. People talk about coming out of a garage. But you can come out of a garage much easier with music than you can with game design."

Saulter is also a co-founder of Urban Video Game Academy in Atlanta, Ga., a initiative focused on teaching high school students the fundamentals of video game design and development. According to the educator, there is "a lack of information [and] understanding" about game making. Kids in the program are often adept at audio tools, skills similar to those needed for game making.

"The same zeroes and ones that give the ability to create sounds are the same zeroes and ones that could make 3D animation," Saulter said.

You can read the full interview over at Fast Company.

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