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Eve Online comic book, TV series will use player submitted stories

CCP will develop a TV series directed by Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur and a comic from Dark Horse based on player stories submitted through Eve Online True Stories, PC Gamer reports.

Those interested can submit their stories now. Voting will begin in nine days and closes May 21. The first prize winner will receive 10-year subscription and a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland and the opportunity to meet the game's senior developers. Second place is a 10-year subscription, while prizes three through five are one-year subscriptions.

PC Gamer spoke with CCP VP of business development Thor Gunnarsson about player stories, which Gunnarsson called "inspirational."

"There are endless events and shenanigans and just epic drama in Eve, and now beginning to happen in Dust," Gunnarsson said. "It's inspirational to us, as developers. We think we can really amplify and augment these stories hopefully to millions of viewers and readers."

Eve: True Stories will be a 64-page comic featuring the work of four different artist and author pairings. The comic is currently set to hit shelves this winter, and a digital copy will be available for free. A launch date for the TV show has not yet been announced.

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