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League of Legends team 'against All authority' disqualified for lack of eligible players

League of Legends team against All authority will be unable to participate in the Europe LCS playoffs due to the team's inability to "field a roster of eligible players," VP of eSports Dustin Beck wrote on the game's official forums.

Following a team member's departure due to a family emergency, the expected match between aAa and SK Gaming was delayed. The team's eligible replacements were unable to step in, however, and Riot worried about setting a precedent that would "lead to a very slippery slope."

"An alternative option was raised to allow for aAa to use a substitute not eligible on their roster, but this would've violated the official rules and put SK in the unfair position of playing against a team composition they were never allowed to practice for," Beck wrote. "In the end the league felt it was unfair to SK and other teams to deviate from a substitution policy that could potentially correlate to an unfair disadvantage for an opponent."

SK Gaming will now compete in the European WCS finals.

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