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Eve Online to receive mining, harvesting revamps in preparation for Odyssey

Eve Online will undergo several industrial, harvesting and mining changes in preparation for its upcoming expansion, Odyssey, developer CCP announced in a recent dev blog.

According to the lengthy post, changes must be made to fix current problems with value and security in mining, the game's "most iconic economic activity."

"[Mining] symbolizes the ideal of our perpetual machine principle of game design, that destruction should always provide opportunities for creation, and creation opportunities for destruction," the post reads.

Odyssey will include more bulk minerals, such as Tritanium and Pyerite, and players will be able to find asteroid belts using on-ship scanning equipment. Additionally, ice belts will respawn in exactly the same location to "ensure that players from all time zones will be able to partake in ice harvesting and enjoy the spoils."

Changes will go into effect when Odyssey launches June 4. You can read the full details here. CCP announced yesterday that it would develop an Eve Online TV show and comic book based off player submitted stories.

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