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The Realm video update demonstrates how devs build the game

A new video update from Atomhawk and Lantern Interactive's Kickstarter project, The Realm, offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the developers build different scenes in the game.

Technical director Tom Szirtes demonstrates how the game is staged, and much like a film, characters wander through a set composed of several layers to create depth. You can watch the video above for a look at how levels are put together and how they look in real-time.

The Realm's Kickstarter campaign for the point-and-click adventure game launched earlier this month. In The Realm, players control a young girl, Sarina, and a stone golem named Toru. The game takes place in the future, where cities have been overrun by nature.

The Realm ends Kickstarter campaigning on May 22. The game is expected to launch for Windows PC, Mac and Linux if funded.

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