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Eve Online Second Decade Collector’s Edition includes Eve, Dust 514 collectibles

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The Eve Online Second Decade Collector's Edition is available for pre-order now and will feature exclusive items for both Eve Online and Dust 514.

The collection was unveiled at Eve Online's tenth anniversary Fanfest and is priced at $149.99. It can be ordered through retailers such as Amazon or through the Eve Online store. The set includes physical items, such as a 190-page hardcover history book, board game and soundtrack, as well as several digital items. Buyers will receive an Eve Online in-game war chest, Gnosis battle cruiser blueprint, in-game time capsule and more. Dust 514 items extend to several dropsuits and weapons.

The Second Decade Collector's Edition is expected to ship in October. CCP announced yesterday that it will develop a TV show and comic book featuring real stories from players as part of its Eve Online True Stories campaign. A launch date for Dust 514 was also announced; players can expect the free-to-play first person shooter on May 14.

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