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Monaco waiting on second bug fix, XBL release date still unknown

Pocketwatch will submit a second update to Microsoft in order to fix a bug delaying Monaco: What's Yours is Mine from Xbox Live launch, the developer posted on Facebook.

The action-stealth title was delayed the day before its scheduled Xbox Live release due to a bug that disconnects online play. Although a fix was submitted at the time of its discovery, this only fixed half the problem, Pocketwatch wrote.

"I'm working on another fix now that I'm hoping to submit this week," the post reads. "Once it's confirmed fixed it shouldn't take long to push it through and get the game out."

The developer could not give a specific release date for the game, but promised details as they become available.

Read our feature on Monaco and its developer here, or watch Chris Plante and Russ Frushtick play the game here.

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