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Star Citizen’s Aurora spacecraft revealed, upgrades available for limited time

Cloud Imperium revealed the Aurora, the first ship for Kickstarted space sim Star Citizen, and will offer a weeklong sale for backers to purchase a special edition.

The announcement was made via Roberts Space Industries. According to the post, the Aurora is the game's basic ship that most players will start with. It was designed by concept artist Ryan Church of Star Wars and Star Trek fame.

The Aurora LX will be available in the complete game, but this will be the only chance for players to back it. Those who already have an Aurora can upgrade in the finished game for $5. For those that have already backed Star Citizen, an add-on Aurora LX is available for $25. The Aurora LX starter package is available for $35, while the advanced starter package, which includes lifetime insurance and alpha, beta and RSI site access is priced at $45.

Star Citizen achieved its Kickstarter goal with $6 million in November 2012 and is expected to launch in November 2014. The game will feature exploration, trading, spacecraft battles and a death mechanic that will help create a "sense of living history."

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