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Defiance PS3 patch expected on Monday, dev outlines fixes and future improvements

A patch for Trion Worlds' massively multiplayer online game Defiance is expected to roll out to PlayStation 3 consoles on Monday, according to a recent blog post by executive producer Nathan Richardsson.

The patch will include server changes that the Windows PC and Xbox 360 versions received earlier this month, which featured improvements in server and client stability. The patch caused problems for the Xbox and Windows PC and resulted in the developer taking down both versions' servers for maintenance.

The post reports that the game's server crashes were a result of memory corruption, and U.S. and European PC server issues were caused by database problems. Although improved, the Xbox 360 version is still suffering "lingering issues" which are "traced to client performance in large engagements."

Trion Worlds has also come down heavily on cheaters and, according to the blog post, "far more" people are now being banned even if they successfully cheat or "just attempt to." Over the past two weeks the developer made improvements to tools, detections and preventive mechanisms with more to come.

"I know that some players linger in there for a while before we ban them but sometimes we just allow them so we can watch them. We like to watch," Richardsson wrote.

Gameplay problems with features such as loadouts, Emergencies and balancing will now be addressed since "crashes and other large issues" are being wrapped up. Richardsson implied that the Freight Yard map may be scrapped and replaced with other maps down the track "unless it starts working."

Defiance launched on April 2 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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