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Beyond: Two Souls will be 10 hours in length

Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming narrative-driven title from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, will feature 10 hours worth of gameplay, this according to studio head David Cage during an event at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

This is comparable to the studio's previous narrative-heavy titles, with Heavy Rain requiring roughly eight-to-12 hours to complete and Indigo Prophecy clocking in at roughly eight hours on average.

During the event, as reported by GameSpot, Cage also revealed that the percentage of players who have finish Heavy Rain has grown to 75 percent, an additional one percent since 2011. According to Cage, typically only 20 percent of gamers will complete a game in its entirety, adding that the higher completion rate of Heavy Rain is due to its reliance on narrative.

The studio released a new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive over the weekend. Beyond: Two Souls is currently slated to launch Oct. 8.

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