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Metro: Last Light trailer ‘Redemption' talks of protagonists Artyom's questionable past and role as humanity's savior

The latest Metro: Last Light trailer, titled "Redemption," features the Spartan Order of Rangers' top sniper, Anna, as she talks about the tribulations and responsibility that weighs on protagonists Artyom's shoulders.

The video also showcases human versus human gunfights, and a number of mutated animals and humans who infest the tunnels of the Metro and slaughter human survivors.

Dmitry A. Glukhovsky wrote Metro 2033 in the ‘90s. The novel was eventually published a number of years later in 2005 and was followed by its sequel, Metro 2034, in 2009.

Glukhovsky has been working with 4A Games on Last Light, which is a sequel to 2010's Metro 2033 video game; however, Last Light is a standalone story to that of the novel titled Metro 2034.

The post apocalyptic title is set for release May 14 in North America and May 17 in Europe on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Consumers who activate their Last Light Windows PC copies on Steam will be rewarded with a free digital copy of Glukhovsky's Metro 2033 novel.