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Sonic Athletics arcade game has players control Sonic by running on treadmills

Sega added a new game to its Tokyo-based Joypolis arcade venue, a multiplayer sports title in which players control Sonic the Hedgehog by running on a treadmill, reports Arcade Heroes.

Sonic Athletics is a multiplayer title that will allow up to eight players to compete in various track and field exercises by using a treadmill. Playable characters, in addition to series stars Sonic and Tails, include Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Silver and Blaze.

Player speed on the treadmill will directly correlate to how fast the on-screen characters run. , and there is a jump button on the game to make on-screen characters jump. There are three events to participate in: 100 meter dash, 110 meter hurdles and the long jump.

The game launched last week at Joypolis. More information, including photos of the layout, can be found on the venue's official page.

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