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Square Enix Europe hit with layoffs as company-wide restructuring continues

Square Enix will carry out another round of layoffs in its European sector as part of the company's ongoing restructuring, reports MCV.

"We are reviewing our business in Europe to ensure we have the right structure, content and skills for the changing entertainment landscape," a spokesperson said in a statement that was also sent to Polygon. "We do expect changes to the UK office, which will affect personnel. We will update you when the time is right, but our priority right now is for the people within the business."

This news comes a little less than a month after the announcement of layoffs at the company's Los Angeles office, where the company said redundancies were made "as part of the corporate restructuring" announced in late March.

At the end of March, Square Enix announced its financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013, in which the company stated it expected an "extraordinary loss" due to game sales falling short of their targets. The company said it expected its digital entertainment sales to be "substantially" lower than predicted, with "slow" sales of major titles, including Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider, contributing to the loss.

Square Enix said in the wake of this poor performance it would begin "major restructuring" of its development policy, company structure and business models, among other areas. Shortly after, president and CEO Yoichi Wada announced he would resign. The final decision will be subject to approval by shareholders and the board of directors this June.

The Los Angeles office was previously hit with layoffs last December for restructuring purposes.

Polygon has reached out to Square Enix for more information on the reported layoffs, and will share details as we receive them.