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Watch Dogs launches Nov. 19 in North America, Nov. 22 in UK

Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's technology infused open-world action game, is set for release Nov. 19 in North America and Nov. 22 in the U.K. on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Windows PCs, Ubisoft announced today.

Ubisoft also reiterated that Watch Dogs will be a PlayStation 4 launch title and added that the game will arrive on "other next-generation consoles," but did not specify launch windows on those platforms, for obvious reasons.

All GameStop pre-order customers in North America will receive an exclusive poster with art by comic book artist Alex Ross. The poster inspired the game's box art, said Ubisoft; you can check out an image of the poster at the bottom of this article.

Watch Dogs will be available in four different editions with a mixture of physical and digital content at its U.K. launch. The editions and content include:

  • The Dedsec Edition. Available at select UK retailers, it will include a mixture of physical and digital content. Physical content includes a figurine of protagonist Aiden Pearce, a collector's box, a Watch Dogs art book with illustrations and artwork that inspired the game, the soundtrack, a Watch Dogs map of Chicago, four collectible cards and three badges. Digital content includes three single-player missions with "almost 60 minutes of additional gameplay." The Palace Pack mission centers on a police raid in the luxury palace of an internet mogul. The Signature Shot mission involves a biometrics weapon smuggled into Chicago. The Breakthrough Pack focuses on driving through Chicago to collect names of those attending a secret meeting.
  • The Vigilante Edition. Available at GAME stores in the U.K. and GameStop in Ireland, physical content includes a collector's box, Aiden Pearce's cap and mask and the Watch Dogs soundtrack. Digital content includes the Palace Pack, which is also included in the Dedsec Edition.
  • The Uplay Exclusive Edition. Available through the Uplay website, the "steelbook" case is the edition's physical content. It also includes the Palace Pack, Signature Shot and Breakthrough Packs from the Dedsec Edition.
  • The Special Edition. Available at GAME stores in the U.K., it includes the Breakthrough Pack but no physical content.

To celebrate the announcement, Ubisoft released an "Out of Control" trailer, which you can watch above to hear the protagonist narrate over a montage of in-game action. You can also check out mock-ups of the various editions below.

U.K.-exclusive special editions:

Alex Ross poster:


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