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Soul Fjord announced exclusively for Ouya, reveal trailer introduces groovy story

Soul Fjord is the latest title from Airtight Games and Portal creator Kim Swift and will launch exclusively for Ouya, IGN reports.

The site posted the reveal trailer, which you can watch above, that introduces the game's funk-filled story. Soul Fjord stars recently slain warrior Magnus Jones in a ‘70s and Norse mythology-inspired adventure. After Magnus is left off the after-death guest list for Ragnarok, he must fight his way to the World Tree to gain access to Valhalla.

Soul Fjord will feature procedurally generated dungeons and rhythm-based combat. More details will be released as the game nears launch.

Polygon spent some hands-on time with Ouya last month, but found that its reactivity and controller left something to be desired. Earlier this month, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman said that "there is still much to do" and the console will be "constantly evolving."

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