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Starbound pre-orders surpass $1 million in less than a month

Team Chucklefish's sandbox space game, Starbound surpassed $1 million in pre-orders, the developer announced on its blog.

"Words can't even express how grateful and overwhelmed we are by all the support you've shown us — not just over the past couple of weeks, but for the past year or so since Starbound was officially announced," the game's developers wrote on the blog.

Starbound raised more than $250,000 with 10,000 backers within one day of its fundraiser launch earlier this month.

In Starbound, players are left to explore the universe after their home planet is destroyed. Worlds are procedurally generated right down to plant life, terrain, weather, gravity, difficulty and the behavior of terrestrial life. Planets are also customizable, and can be terraformed and populated with characters encountered during adventures. Starbound's gameplay consists of quests, exploration and story-driven missions.

The game's seven pre-order tiers range from a copy of the game, beta invite and soundtrack for $15, to an in-game statue in the backer's image, including all lower tier rewards, for $2,000. All pre-order tiers get access to the game's beta.

Starbound is expected to launch this year for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.