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Neal Stephenson's sword fighting sim Clang on Steam Greenlight

Neal Stephenson and Subutai Corporation's sword fighting simulator, Clang, is now on Steam Greenlight for the Steam community to vote for the title to launch on Windows PC and Mac via Steam.

"In many video games, sword fighting is all-important to the characters, and winning sword fights is how you level up your character and get more stuff," Stephenson wrote on Clang's Greenlight page. "Until now, the details of how real-life sword fighting actually works have not been built into those games and so it has never felt very real. It's time for that to change."

The development team have also released a video of the current playable alpha, highlighting development and future features of the game. The video shows an animation programmer using a Razer Hydra motion controller as he fights against a bot, using a style based on Fiore longsword from the 14th century.

He demonstrates gameplay mechanics such as the cut path, which helps players gauge distance and shows players where the cut will go. The gameplay footage also highlights red ghost swords that recommend the best guards against what the opponent is doing.

Clang's Kickstarter launched on June 9 of last year with a $500,000 goal and was successfully funded with a total of $526,125 in pledges. For those who didn't jump on the Kickstarter, the alpha version will be available to buy in a few months.

The video states that the Kickstarter deliverable is a prototype engineered to be easily upgradable and expanded upon later, as they get more funding they will add more weapons and different styles of fighting.

Going forward, Clang will be funded by selling phased releases on Steam, with the price gradually increasing as the game improves.

Clang's public release is slated for Q3 2013.

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