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League of Legends female warrior Sejuani gets covered up

League of Legends developer Riot Games is moving away from the often seen skin-flaunting armor used for female characters and has re-designed the game's warrior woman Sejuani with a more realistic depiction of armor in mind.

In an updated description for the character, Riot explains how the character's earlier look was at odds with her role as a warrior.

"Sejuani's lightly-armored, skin-flaunting, fleshy apparel didn't mesh with the idea of a dominating, ice warrior. Now heavily armored atop Bristle, this visual rework clearly conveys the core of our concept for the champion. She's powerful, capable of conquering the Freljord and leading the Winter's Claw to victory.

"If we were going to make Sejuani look imposing, we needed make sure her fierce steed, Bristle, could keep up. Here we added bulk and power to his model, and updated the animation on Arctic Assault to show him tossing scattered foes into the air."

Users who previously unlocked Sejuani will receive a free skin based on Sejuani's traditional look.

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