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Harry Potter-themed hub Pottermore launches in PlayStation Home today

An activity hub based on Pottermore, a multimedia extension of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series, launches today within PlayStation Home, according to an announcement post on PlayStation Blog.

The new hub features environments and activities modeled after Potter's world, including a recreation of the wizardly shopping district Diagon Alley, and the trusty shuttle known as the Hogwarts Express — though the school itself isn't part of the hub. Players can unlock Pottermore Trading Cards by participating in themed mini-games, and (after creating an account on Pottermore's official website) can even trade those cards with their fellow Home users.

Pottermore's Home hub was first announced last month alongside a trailer showing off the content users would be able to explore. According to a PlayStation Blog post from Home producer Daniel Durnin, there's "more to come" from the Pottermore hub in Home.

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