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Robotoki's The Adventures of Dash Kickstarter comes up short (update: Robotoki responds)

The Adventures of Dash, a 2D platformer from Robert Bowling's new indie studio Robotoki, did not meet its Kickstarter goal before the fundraising drive's end earlier today.

Robotoki sought $400,000 in fan donations to support the creation of the game, which it did not receive — during the 30-day campaign, the project only managed to bring in $33,121 in funding. The pitch for Adventures of Dash involved a narcoleptic young man who would frequently fall asleep, and dream up a new world, with a new art style and platforming mechanics. It would have been the company's second project; the first is a zombie survival sim titled Human Element, which Bowling revealed last June, and is scheduled to launch in 2015.

We've reached out to Bowling to find out if the studio will seek alternate means of funding The Adventures of Dash, and if the project has a future.

Update: Bowling has responded to our requests, stating that the Robotoki development team is putting Adventures of Dash "on the back burner" and focusing its efforts on Human Element.

"The Adventures of Dash is a major passion project for us, so we definitely want to see it come to life eventually," Bowling said. "For now, we're putting it on the back burner at Robotoki while we focus on our main project Human Element, but we will be working to find alternative ways to fund the game. We've had several potential partners approach us with interest in making that a reality and if there is a good fit, that allows us to maintain the scope and spirit of the game, then we're open to exploring them."

As a gesture of gratitude to the Adventures of Dash supporters, Robotoki has uploaded the game's soundtrack, from Canabalt and Super Meat Boy composer Danny Baranowski, as a free download.