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Pandora's Tower launching April 16 in North America for $39.99

Pandora's Tower, the Wii-exclusive action role-playing game co-developed by Ganbarion and Nintendo, will be released April 16 in North America for $39.99, publisher Xseed Games announced today.

Nintendo originally released the game in Japan in May 2011, and in Europe and Australia in April 2012. Xseed announced this past January that it would be publishing the game in North America.

Pandora's Tower tells the story of Aeron, who goes on a quest to rid his beloved, Elena, of a curse that is transforming her into a terrible monster. Aeron must visit 13 towers and slay the masters that reside within, for Elena can only be cured by consuming the masters' flesh. Xseed released a gameplay trailer today; you can check it out above.

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