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Beyond: Two Souls influenced in part by the homeless, creative director says

Heavy Rain creator Quantic Dream's upcoming game, Beyond: Two Souls, was inspired in its narrative by creative director David Cage's experience with the homeless, according to a recent CVG interview.

Beyond's main character, Jodie, is followed by an invisible, spiritual being. Cage says that he took inspiration from mentally ill homeless people, who sometimes speak to "invisible friends."

"If you see [homeless people] in the streets, and if they are not fit mentally, some of them will be speaking to an invisible friend — and they can sometimes be very angry and very upset with that invisible friend," Cage said. "One of the starting points of Beyond was me thinking about what it would be like if one of those imagined friends actually existed."

According to Cage, the concept of Jodie's imaginary companion is the game's emotional hook.

"We have to live with the things that make us different," Cage said.

Beyond: Two Souls is currently slated for launch Oct. 8 for PlayStation 3. Quantic Dream recently released gameplay footage that included almost nine minutes of three in-game scenes.

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