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En Masse Entertainment adds cloud-based installation to TERA: Rising

TERA: Rising players will be able to access the game without a download or installation process through Happy Cloud, Inc.'s cloud-based solution, publisher En Masse Entertainment announced today via press release.

According to the release, Happy Cloud's streaming services will eliminate 90 percent of the game's initial download and the entirety of its installation. The download, which contains images, video, sound and more, rounds out at about 22 GB.

En Masse Entertainment's COO, Soo Min Park, said that improving this wait time has been a "priority" for the company.

"Using Happy Cloud's system is an easy way for us to get more players into TERA's immersive, 3D world," Park said. "Taking a graphically rich, fast-paced game such as TERA: Rising, which contains hundreds of hours of gameplay, and delivering the bytes in the order they're needed is no small task, but we're confident this will provide an even better experience for our fast growing legion of fans."

TERA: Rising's free-to-play model, enacted in February, has helped expand the user base to more than 1.4 million users in North America.

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