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Lissandra the Ice Witch coming to League of Legends lineup

Multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends will soon receive another champion, a "mana-efficient" mage named Lissandra.

The champion was revealed on the game's official website. According to the post, Lissandra is "a corruptor of nature who plots to unleash an ice age on the world."

Lissandra is most effective in the mid or top lanes in combat, Riot Games says, and does well in team battles. As an Ice Witch, Lissandra's abilities place emphasis not on raw damage, but on crowd control, mobility and kiting.

The latest champion has several unique abilities. The passive "Iceborn" skill allows Lissandra to cast her next move at no mana. "Ice Shard" allows Lissandra to hurl an ice spear at an enemy, slowing movement speed and adding damage. "Ring of Frost" freezes and damages nearby enemies, while "Glacial Path" is a slow, long-range chain attack. Lissandra's Ultimate move, Frozen Tomb, allows her to freeze an enemy champion and deal damage or make herself invulnerable.

Check out the full post here for more details on her skills and background story. In mid-March, Riot Games added champion Zac to the game. The timetable for Lissandra's release was not announced alongside her reveal.

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that Lissandra was already available in the title, which is inaccurate. We apologize for the error.

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