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VR developer explores 'the reality of head-mounted displays' with Doom 3 tech demo

Virtual reality developer Oliver Kreylos says he has some worries about the expectations of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display, specifically that the "huge level of pre-release excitement in the gaming world might turn into a backlash against VR." In a recently uploaded — and technically intriguing — video, Kreylos lays out his thoughts on implementing VR in games using a portion of Doom 3 (and an Aperture Science portal gun).

In Kreylos' video, he's wearing an eMagin Z800 Visor head-mounted display paired with an Intersense IS-900 tracking system. It's noteworthy for a few reasons. In it, he lays out some of the challenges players and developers might face as more video games adopt VR display. The video also serves as something of a tech demo for self-imaging in VR — Kreylos' hands and legs are visible to him in the display of the eMagin visor, a technical feat which appears to assist in navigating VR user interface menus.

Kreylos goes into greater detail about his thoughts about VR and his concerns about good software being written for the Oculus Rift at his personal blog.

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