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Star Trek Online dev blog outlines tiered player rewards

Star Trek Online publisher Perfect World Entertainment will offer a slew of tiered special items to players when the Legacy of Romulus expansion goes live, according to a blog post by senior producer Steve "Salamilnferno" Ricossa, Jr..

Gold, silver and lifetime players will receive a playable Alien-Gen Hybrid Romulan species. Gold subscribers of more than 600 days, veteran players and lifetime subscribers will receive a Vice Admiral Ship Token to unlock a unlock Vice Admiral character or a Rear Admiral Romulan Retrofit ship for free.

Lifetime subscribers will have access to playable Liberated Human and Klingon Borg species, and will be eligible for all veteran rewards outlined on the blog. Veteran rewards include several items per reward tier and range from a full respec for 100 days of subscription to an exclusive Romulan Veteran starship for 1000 days.

Legacy of Romulus is set for a May 21 launch. The publisher has detailed the expansion's pre-order bonuses and Romulan ship progression.

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