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The Wonderful 101 developers focus on fun over length, says Hideki Kamiya

Game director Hideki Kamiya took to Twitter to describe his development philosophy behind the upcoming Wii U title The Wonderful 101, writing that he is focused on fun, not length.

In the controversial tweet that stirred up quite a response from fans, Kamiya suggested the game is not aimed at users looking for a long-lasting title. Many Twitter users took this to mean the new title won't take very long to finish.

"If u hate to finish a game the next day u buy it, u better not play TW101," he wrote. "I focus on how it is fun, not how long it lasts till the ending."

This statement was soon clarified by Platinum Games executive director Atsushi Inaba who emphasized Kamiya was referring to his approach to design, adding that the Wii U title will not be packed with filler content as a result.

"So it looks like @PG_Kamiya has caused another bit of controversy," wrote Inaba. "What he is saying is his basic approach to how he creates an action game. The idea is rooted in that you shouldn't pad your game with content users won't enjoy in order to control play time to the end of the game. It isn't something he wants to do, or thinks you should do."

Inaba later added he doesn't worry about the length of the title in terms of its single play-through length and replayability, writing that he often suggests cuts when aspects of the game are too long. "Of course, even though @pg_kamiya didn't intend for people to jump to their own conclusions, they did," he writes. "In this case, that conclusion was 'So TW101 is going to be short then?!' Let me make my own conclusion: TW101 will be so much fun you are going to wear out your Wii U GamePad. Actually, the Wii U GamePad is pretty sturdy, so you probably won't wear it out..."

The Wonderful 101 is scheduled to release to Wii U this summer.

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