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Early Soul Sacrifice digital buyers can unlock pre-order bonus content

Folks who purchase a digital version of Soul Sacrifice through the PlayStation Store will, for a limited time, unlock the in-game content awarded to pre-orderers of the physical copy of the game, creator Keiji Inafune confirmed on the PlayStation Blog today.

That content includes two unique costumes players can equip their characters with, and a trio of magic items to aid them in combat. The Spirits' Flamepike is a fire-attribute item which extends the number of combo attacks the player can perform. The Spirits' Blightstone is an exploding item players can use to poison enemies. The Spirits' Fulgurwood rounds out the pack, giving players a homing spell which attacks enemies with lightning.

Early digital buyers will also unlock the Japanese language pack for free, changing the native language of the game's dialogue. There's no word how long this content will be free for digital buyers, so if you're planning on picking Soul Sacrifice up, you probably shouldn't wait too long.

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