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The Witcher 3 multiplayer not 'set in stone,' may not work with story, says CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red may be looking into a multiplayer component for upcoming title The Witcher 3, but the addition is not set in stone, development team members told Rock Paper Shotgun.

The team stressed that multiplayer was something they would "investigate" but at this time can offer no further confirmation on its appearance in the latest Witcher game.

"That's something [studio manager Adam Badowski] mentioned in the context of us always looking at the best ways to make the games we're currently working on," said marketing head Tracy Williams. "So multiplayer's certainly something we'll investigate, but it's not currently set in stone for Witcher."

"We think about different methods, but nothing's for sure right now," added gameplay designer Maciej Szczesnik. "We're just investigating some opportunities."

Last month Badowksi hinted at multiplayer possibilities in an interview with Eurogamer, stating CD Projekt Red is "thinking about something" but couldn't explain it at the time. According to Williams, The Witcher games are about creating a core role-playing game experience focused on protagonist Geralt, and stacking multiplayer onto his story is not currently a priority.

"It's tacked on [in other games], but that won't be the case here," said Szczesnik, adding that any multiplayer components would have to be tailored to fit alongside the single-player campaign. "Huge multiplayer features can be more destructive than helpful. We're not trying to have multiplayer just to have it.

"I don't really think it's possible to make that kind of experience in multiplayer," he added. "So that's why we're trying to investigate other options."

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