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Contrast gameplay video shows off shadow-shifting platforming

Developer Compulsion Games has released a new beta gameplay video for its upcoming indie title Contrast, showing protagonist Dawn and her ability to shift into shadows.

Given a task to find her way to the top of a carousel, Dawn is able to project herself into the shadows of the horses on the wall and use them as platforms to make her way around the room, but must shift back into the real world when other shadows act as obstacles.

Contrast is set in "a surreal 1920s dreamscape" in which vaudevillian performer Dawn must help a young girl named Didi — whose voice can be heard in the video — unravel the secrets behind her family. Compulsion studio head Guillaume Provost says the game was inspired by the film Pan's Labyrinth and Valve's iconic Portal games.

It is currently scheduled for a May release on Windows PC via Steam.