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Spiral Knights receives events and a UI overhaul for its second birthday

Sega is celebrating the second "birthday" of Spiral Knights, Three Rings Design's free-to-play online role-playing game, with in-game items and quests and a user interface overhaul, according to a post on the Sega Blog.

The birthday event will last through April 16. To participate, players must head to the Haven Town Square and visit an NPC named Biscotti, who will hand out access to a new mission called "Total Caketastrophe," unlock enemies called Creep Cakes and more. The UI interface overhaul includes a new way to view health, which now sports a shield power indicator underneath it, a more detailed mini map and more.

You can check out a post on the game's official forums to see details about the changes, as well as prize packages players can win or purchase, each of which includes "handfuls of confetti."

Spiral Knights is available for Windows PC and Mac through Steam and the game's official website.

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