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MIT Game Lab to host LBGT game jam in April

The MIT Game Lab is hosting a LBGT game jam called Quiltbag Jam on Saturday, April 6, in Boston, according to its official website.

The organization invites people of all persuasions and identities to participate; interested parties don't have to identify as queer to join in. The theme for the Quiltbag Jam is "Gay Planet" and Game Lab offer up Anna Anthropy's Twine game Hunt for the Gay Planet as an example for the theme.

Independent game designer and visual novelist Christine Love will be the event's special guest Jammer. Love's works include Digital: A Love Story, Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story and Analogue: A Hate Story.

Quiltbag Jam Participant tickets for design, programming and art — which includes visual, audio and music — close in under 20 hours, at the time of writing. Those who wish to register for a general Quiltbag Jam Participation ticket have a day to do so.

It is free to register for the event and those who can't make it to Boston are asked to contact the organizers in order to participate remotely. The event's details can be located here.

The MIT Game Lab held its first LGBT game jam last April called Gayme Jam, which produced games such as the card-based title Lesbian Cat Wars.

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