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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition update brings bugs and crashes, developer working on fixes

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition's title update 9, which went live yesterday, brought along with it a score of bugs and other problems that developer 4J Studios is currently working to correct, according to the developer's Twitter feed.

Shortly after the update went live, 4J tweeted that Xbox Live Silver members were reporting issues when trying to load save files. According to the developer, disconnecting from Xbox Live or switching to a wired connection without a cable rectifies the problem.

4J Studios said it was investigating reports of lighting issues that came with TU9 as well as complaints of lag in the new area, The End. The developer asked that players refer to their Twitter feed for more information and try the above mentioned workarounds while they work on creating a bug fix update.

Title update 9 added the new The End area to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, where players can face off against Endermen enemies and the colossal EnderDragon.