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The Big Blue Kickstarter rewards added based on backer feedback

New rewards have been added to Ecco the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata's current Kickstarter campaign, The Big Blue, based on backer feedback, according to the latest update.

The Big Blue is an underwater action adventure game in which players explore, complete quests, spawn life forms and solve puzzles. The update includes a 10-page ocean atlas — a collection of maps for all significant areas in the game — as well as secret or hard to find locations. Some backers will also now be eligible to receive The Big Blue creature guide, which details the game's animals. Both items will be available at the $50 tier as a PDF print, either hard or softbound, depending on backer tier.

Those who previously pledged at the required level will receive the additional rewards automatically.

At the time of this posting, the Kickstarter has raised $45,000 of its $665,000 goal with 23 days left. Fundraising will end April 29. If funded, The Big Blue will be released in April 2014 on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Check out our feature on Annunziata here.