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Hate Plus, sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story, officially announced

Hate Plus, a sequel to 2012's visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story, will launch this summer, indie designer and game developer Christine Love announced via her website.

Hate Plus will continue directly after the end of the first game. Analogue: A Hate Story takes place in the 25th century, after an Earth-launched ship disappears in space. When it reappears thousands of years later, players must uncover the truth behind the ship's disappearance by digging through old crew logs. Hate Plus takes place over the course of three days leading up to the events of Year 0.

"If Analogue was the backstory of Hyun-ae, then Hate Plus is the backstory of Mute," Love wrote.

According to Love's announcement post, the game will feature new art and costumes, a new soundtrack, improved UI and more writing. Those with a save file from the previous title will be able to port their old data for different endings.