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Defiance developer apologizes for continued server problems

Trion Worlds, the developer behind cross-platform MMO Defiance, is aware of the game's persisting problems and will continue to work on fixes, executive producer Nathan Richardsson wrote in a recent blog post.

The post comes on the heels of Richardsson's previous update, where he touched on problems with lag and server crashes. The executive producer acknowledged that while some territories and platforms and functioning normally, others still have "outstanding issues" and bugs to deal with.

"There are problems to be solved, this is what we signed up for, gaming is what we love doing and we're incredibly sorry that you have to go through these issues now with us," Richardsson wrote. "We want to live up to your expectations and in some cases, we obviously aren't. And I'm sorry for that."

The team will continue to re-configure and deploy fixes on the U.S. Xbox server and address game server crashes with updates. Connectivity and patching are on their list too, as is chat and VOIP, general balance fixes and debugs.

"Again, our apologies," Richardsson wrote. "After five years of creating this, it saddens us and frustrates us that you aren't getting the great experience we strived to create. The upside is that it makes us quite determined to get you there."

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