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GameStick backer shipments delayed to late June

Shipments for backers of the GameStick Android console have been delayed from this month until the end June, according to an update to the console's Kickstarter page.

According to the post, initial plans took into consideration around 1,000 units made with silicon molds. Since demand has grown to tens of thousands of units and the molds aren't designed for high-volume production, the company has had to switch to more "higher end tooling" made in China and Germany. These tools take three months to make, and after assembling and testing won't be ready until the end of May.

According to GameStick, orders for the console have become "too large" to afford shipping units via air-freight. Instead all consoles will be shipped via sea freight, which will take around two weeks in transit.

The company aims to ship the GameSticks around June 10, which would put them in backers' hands by late June. GameStick will share weekly production updates leading up to the console's ship date.

Based on feedback after shipping GameSticks' developer kits, the company has also tweaked the console's shoulder buttons, analog sticks and buttons, as well as moved the LED configuration and added a door to the back of the console to cover the connector slot when it is not plugged in.

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