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BioShock Infinite alternate covers now available

BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games released a group of alternate covers for the game today, giving players the opportunity to replace the Booker DeWitt box art and its Songbird reverse cover with artwork of their choosing.

Irrational ran a poll in December in which fans voted on six alternate covers, with the winner set to be included in all copies of the game on the flip side of the default artwork. A red-orange cover featuring the Songbird, a mechanical creature that pursues the protagonists, won the poll with 38 percent of the vote, but Irrational said at the time that it would eventually release all the possible choices and a few others.

Eight different alternate covers are now available on the BioShock Infinite website, along with instructions on how to properly print the high-quality PDFs. Two versions of each image are available: one for Windows PC and Xbox 360 boxes, and a wider one for PlayStation 3 boxes.

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