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Capcom may 'slow down' releasing digital updates of its fighting games

Capcom may "slow down" on re-releasing its fighting game titles for digital platforms, according to Capcom U.S.'s senior vice president Christian Svensson.

In a post on the Capcom-Unity forums, Svensson said the company has "probably run the course" of fighting games for which it would be feasible to update and release digitally. He also noted that there has been a "dropoff" with each new game that has been republished, and that it is "probably time for [Capcom] to slow down anyway" in reformatting its fighting titles.

"It seems the novelty of such projects is wearing off even within just the fighting game community based upon the sales data of our last two launches," he wrote.

"What we can bring to you in these forms, we are doing so," he added. "That doesn't mean everything will show up and to set expectations, I think you should prepare yourself that not every fighting game we've made will receive even one of these treatments."

Svensson explained that to have old PSOne, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable games released through the PlayStation Network, Sony must first ensure the games run on their emulators. All elements of the IP, including original agreements on middleware, voice acting and score, must also be cleared to ensure there is no infringement on third parties. In the end, Svensson says, Sony controls when and how the game is released through PSN.

Svensson also said Capcom is currently working to bring current-generation games that launched at retail only to digital platforms, which it has already done for games like Super Street Fighter 4. This is being done as part of "planned development" on the titles.

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