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Defiance dev continues to outline improvements, deploy fixes

Defiance developer Trion Worlds continues to take down servers to deploy code fixes, with platforms and regions such as Xbox North America experiencing downtime as much as "two times a day," according to a recent blog post.

Executive producer Nathan Richardsson wrote that the team will continue to monitor Xbox North America while actively pursuing other priorities. Game server crashes and problems with chat and VOIP remain from previous updates, while disappearing items in the Salvage Matrix are a new addition.

Players who are still experiencing problems with client download, patching or connectivity should seek customer support, Richardsson wrote.

"We have good leads on our top issues, better visibility and signal-to-noise ratio after this week, and I'm confident that our woop-to-wtf ratio will improve considerably in the next days," Richardsson wrote.

Richardsson previously apologized for Defiance's continued server problems, adding that "the upside is that it makes us quite determined to get you there."

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