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Grimlands turns to crowdfunding for completion following publisher cancellation

Drago Entertainment is currently seeking $650,000 on Kickstarter to fund its post-apocalyptic game, Grimlands, following the game's cancellation from publisher Gamigo AG.

According to Drago Entertainment's head of development, Lucjan Mikociak, the game mixes shooter and role-playing elements from titles like Fallout 3 and Borderlands with the social dynamics and choice of Ultima Online. Grimlands does not feature classes, and skills can be combined at will. To level different talents, players need only use these skills often.

The game's Kickstarter page says Grimlands is "almost complete" and only a few months away from launch. In a recent press release, Mikociak said Drago Entertainment was "shocked" to learn the publisher had dropped the project.

"When Gamigo announced they would no longer fund the development of Grimlands, we were all shocked, given we had spend more than five years on this game and are finally so close to release," Mikociak said. "However, at the same time the numerous outcries from press and players around the globe convinced us that the market eagerly awaits our title and that we have to keep working towards launch."

With a $5 pledge, backers will receive recognition in the game's credits. Backer tiers extend to $10,000 and include rewards such as premium accounts, in-game items, early access and a collector's edition.

Fundraising for Grimlands ends May 2. Check out the video above to see gameplay and the team's Kickstarter pitch.

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